Saturday, August 17, 2019 11:08:20 PM
Start Date & Schedule
Start Date: Sept 22nd
---all teams will play 22nd or 23rd

-will be posted after Labour day
-No games to be scheduled Thanksgiving, Grey Cup or SuperBowl
League layoffs---Nov 8-17, Nov 20-Dec 2nd, Mar 8th-16th

Aug 28th---Cant Play Dates deadline for Sept 24th-Nov 7th
Sept 18th--------Initial CARHA registration due
Sept 22nd/23rd----team contracts due to scorekeeper @ first game
Oct 1st---$4,000 fees due
Oct 10th---Cant play dates due Nov 8th to Dec 31st
Nov 15th---final fees due $3,900
Dec 10th---January cant play dates due

Playoff start date, Final CARHA deadline----TBD