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Playoff 2023-24

For a player to be eligible for playoff competition, he/she must have played in a minimum of 10 of the team's regular season games. For players that also play as goaltenders for a team as required, those players must have played a minimum combined total of 12 of the regular season games played as goalie and skater to be eligible for playoffs.

Players must also have submitted a waiver, played 3 games prior to December 1st and be on the teams CARHA insurance form as a full time player, which is the responsibility of the team rep to have all players on the CARHA form.

Sub Goalies (Playoffs)
-can use any playoff eligible goalie from another team (permission must be received from league)

-a goalie who plays on two teams, can play on both teams in playoffs, but must meet the eligibility requirements for both teams

-any playoff eligible forward/defenceman for your own team, can play goalie in playoffs

-goalies listed as spares for your team with CARHA and who were used as subs during the regular season CANNOT be used in playoffs

Sub Players (Playoffs)
Ineligible Players

-all players are to ensure they have ID with them at games, in case it is requested by SCHL league staff to confirm eligibility

-any player that cant provide ID will be ruled ineligible

-any team caught using an ineligible player will immediately have the game ended and forfeited. Team reps will be suspended as well as players involved

Players Eligible for 2 Teams

---PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY IS RESTRICTED TO ONE SCHL DIVISION (Except Goalies). For players skating with more than one team, the highest division they are participating in will be used to determine eligibility (e.g. a player that plays for an 'A' team and a 'C' team will be restricted to the 'A' team roster during the playoffs, assuming eligibility rules are met).

---If a player is eligible to play for 2 teams in the same division, the player is only allowed to play for the 2nd team once his 1st team has been eliminated from the playoffs. #1 team is determined by the team the most games played with, if that is a tie, players choice.

In the event of a tie in the standings at the conclusion of the regular season, final results will be decided by:

a) head-to-head record against the team(s) you are tied with;
b) most wins;
c) goal differential (goals for minus goals against);
d) least goals against;(average per game played)
e) least penalty minutes (average per game);
f) coin toss.

Each time one team has been advanced using this method, revert back to the start of 2.10 to break the remaining tie(s).

PLAYOFF GAMES-(prior to Finals)

Period 3
- 5 minutes (stop time)
- 3 on 3 + goaltender

Period 4
- shootout - 3 shooters

For period 4 the following will occur:
- Goalies do not change ends;
- The home team will choose which team shoots first;
- Referees use CHA procedures for penalty shot.

---Player changes are permitted during play stoppages.
---Any penalty that has not expired, will eliminate the penalized player from shootout participation.
---After a player has shot, he must report to the penalty box and not return to the players’ bench.
---Following the first three shooters, sudden victory will decide the game winner
---Once the team with the fewest players uses all their shooters, BOTH teams can start using shooters a 2nd time


Period 3 5 minutes (stop time) 4 on 4 sudden victory

Period 4 5 minutes (stop time) 3 on 3 sudden victory

Period 5 shootout 5 shooters