Tuesday, February 26, 2019 11:08:20 PM

-schedule is posted in full

-Game 1 and 2 of league finals will be April 6th

- playoff schedule can be accessed through the playoff link above

Playoff Rules

1. Format

Double Elimination

-you win you move on

-1st loss you drop to the B side

-2nd loss you are eliminated

2. Ties in Standings (2 or more teams)

a. head to head record against the team(s) you are tied with

b. Most wins

c. Goal differential (goals for minus goals against)

d. fewest goals against per game played

e. least penalties per game (average per game)

f. coin toss

3. Identification

-ensure all players have their ID at all games as it may be requested

-if a player cant provide their ID or is not eligible to play, the game is immediately forfeited. That player, both teams reps, and the player he is signed in as will be suspended

4. Playoff eligibility (2 divisions)

-Playoff eligibility is restricted to 1 SCHL division, except goalies. For players skating with more than 1 team, the highest division they play in will be used to determine eligibility. (a player playing in A division and C division, is restricted t the team in the A division assuming they are eligible). If a player is eligible for 2 teams in the same division, the player is only allowed to play on the 2nd team once his 1st team has been eliminated. 1st team is determined by the teams he has played the most games with. If a tie, players choice

5. GM and Misconducts

-any player receiving a 10 min misconduct or Game Misconduct in the last 5 minutes or overtime will be suspended 1 game

6. Overtime Format

Period 3 5 minutes stop time 3 on 3 plus goalie

Period 4 Shootout 3 shooters

-Goalies don't change ends

-home team chooses who shoots first

-player changes are permitted during play stoppages

-Any penalty in overtime that hasn't expired will eliminate player from the shootout

-Following the first 3 shooters, sudden victory will decide the game winner (one team score the other doesn't)

-Once the team with the fewest players use all the players, BOTH teams can start using shooters a 2nd time

League Finals

Period 3 5 minutes (stop time) 4 on 4

Period 4 5 minutes (stop time) 3 on 3

Period 5 Shootout 5 shooters

7. Eligibility Rules

-3 games prior to Dec 1st

-12 games total

-Registered full time player with CARHA

---All players who are eligible will be listed on the teams playoff player stats page. Only these players will be listed on the sign in sheets. If you need to write in a name, that would mean he isn't eligible

8. Sub Goalies

---a goalie eligible on 2 teams, is eligible to play for both teams

---if a sub goalie is needed permission must be received from the league prior to use

a. Your teams sub goalie submitted by the March 1st deadline and permission received by other division teams

b. another playoff eligible goalie from another team in the SCHL

c. a player who is an eligible forward or defenceman for your team, may play goalie

Playoff Winners

- each division winner will be moved up for the next season