Monday, March 20, 2023 08:08:20 AM
2022-23 Playoffs
1.Played 10 game total (this has been reduced from 12 for this year)
2.Played 3 games Prior to Dec 1st
3.Registered as a full time player with CARHA, by the deadline that has passed

Sub Players
-subs arent allowed
-teams cant use players from other teams, or spares registered with CARHA

Sub Goalies
-can use any other playoff eligible goalie with league permission
-F/D on your team can play net

Players Eligible on 2 Teams
-Teams are in Different Division--can only play on team in highest division
-Teams are in Same Division--can only play on team #1, once they are eliminated can play on team #2

-Exception Goalies- Goalies can play on both teams regardless of either above situations

Ties in Standings
1.Head to Head record between tied teams
3.Goal Differential
4.Fewest average goals against per game
5.Fewest average PIM per game
6.Coin Toss

Period 3 is 5 minutes of stop time
Period 4 is a shootout with 3 shooters

League Finals
Period 3 is a 5 minute 4 on 4
Period 4 is a 5 minute 3 on 3
Period 5 is a shootout with 5 shooters

--If a penalty is not expired at the end of the 3 on 3 that player is ineligible for the shootout
--Once the team with the shortest bench uses all their players, BOTH teams can start using players a second time