Tuesday, February 14, 2017 09:57:11 PM
1. Playoff Format

-double elimination

-win---move on in the bracket

-1st loss---drop into B side, if you are playing game #1 and lose you drop don into L1

-2nd loss---you are eliminated

-Finals---B side team will be required to win 2 games in the final to be crowned the Champion, while the A side winner only needs 1 win


3. Schedule

-playoff schedule can either be accessed by going to sasktelcentrehockeyleague.ca and clicking "playoff link" or by going to the schedule page and clicking on drop down menu in the upper right hand corner, selecting "Sasktel Playoffs 2017"

4.Playoff Forfeits

-any team forfeiting in the playoffs must pay the $85 at their next game

5. Game Misconducts

-any player receiving a game misconduct in the last 5 minutes of regulation or in overtime will automatically be suspended 1 game

6. Playoff Player Eligibility

-only players listed on their teams playoff player stats page are those eligible to play.

-sub players are not allowed

-teams can pickup any playoff eligible sub goalie from another team in the SCHL, with permission from the league

-all players must have their ID with them at games in case they are requested to provide to prove identity. If they cant provide, the team will be required to forfeit the game

-Players eligible on 2 teams, can only play on the team in the highest division. If both teams are in the same division they must play with the team in which they played the most games with, once that team is eliminated they can play with their 2nd team. Any goalies eligible on 2 teams are allowed to play for both teams, regardless of their divisions

7. Overtime

-Period 3---3 on 3 for 5 minutes, stop time

-Period 4---shootout, 3 shooters, sudden death if still tied after 3 shooters, any player with a penalty carrying over to the shootout is ineligible to shoot. All players on a team must shoot before anyone can take a 2nd shot

League Final

-Period 3---5 min, stop time, 4 on 4, sudden death

-Period 4---5 min, stop time, 3 on 3, sudden death

-Period 5---shootout, 5 shooters, home team chooses who shoots first